Real Friends - I’ve Given Up On You

Pulls pizza out of flannel shirt while sitting criss cross applesause in a circle of my friends and chants together I love pop punk

Fun fact I actually love Katherine but I do not love her fan fiction


(by Tōn)
Anonymous: Imagine laying across ur couch, u fell asleep there. Ur tv softly hums in the background. Youre awake but u keep ur eyes closed, u have school in the morning and u want some shut eye. You hear the door open, the sound of heavy footsteps fill the room, and the door shuts. You squeeze your eyes shut and nuzzle into the back of the couch. Behind you, you hear heavy breathing. Suddenly, you feel a large wet mass on your neck. “Lickitung no,” you beg, “I told you I don’t love you anymore, get out.”

Katherine I hate you literally shut up never ever talk to me ever again you suck


Please ask me things

Or ignore my blatant request that works too.

Please ask me things


Anchor down your feet and say, “fuck the past and everyone that dragged you here